David Serra Fisioterapia uses the osteopathy as another tool in the group of therapies of our clinics. The osteopathy takes on the human body as a whole. Facing a pain of a particular organ or a particular joint the osteopathy not only treats the damaged part, but also searches and treats its origin.

The body and the mind keep an indissoluble unity. The human being cannot get rid of feelings, thoughts, and emotions… A physical damage can cause an emotional problem, and the other way, a conflicting situation besides the emotional burden that produces can also bring to a physical damage.

Ultimately, the osteopathy through a manual treatment releases, adjusts, decongests, and rebalances the different parts of the human body to restore the health.

Osteopathy treatments

Pain, treating the cause that induces it (lumbago, fibromyalgia, cephalea, migraine, nose, sight, and hearing illness, etc.).

Organic diseases (diaphragm, lungs, heart, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, pancreas, small and large intestines, ovaries, uterus, tubes, prostate, bladder, and urinary tracts).

Typical symptoms of pregnant women (spinal pain, digestive problems, nauseas, vomits, etc.).

Disorders among children (insomnia, hypo or hyperactivity, otitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, digestive disorders, etc.).

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