Since the beginning we have always been on the side of sport and athletes. Our passion for the sport makes us understand the feelings, the emotions, and the typical pains of the athletes…

We have given service in big sports events, such as the Triathlon ETU Europe Cup (Madrid and Banyoles), the Barcelona Maresme Challenge, the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon, or the Barcelona Marathon. Through our hands have passed first-rate athletes, such as Maria Sharapova (No. 2 of the world in tennis), Javier Gómez Noya (silver in the Olympic Games in London in triathlon), Fernando Belasteguín (No. 1 of the world in paddle), or Maria Vasco (bronze in the Olympic Games in Sydney in 20 km race walk), among others.

We employ the experience gained in competitive sports in our physiotherapy treatments, in which the effectiveness and the recovery speed are essential to guarantee the quality of life of our patients.

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